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DigInnov is a European digital innovation consultancy firm specialized in innovation strategy and R&D&I funding procurement and management. Since its creation, the company founders have been supporting several organizations in their innovation transformation and business growth by matching internal needs and objectives with funding opportunities, creating strong consortia involving all relevant stakeholders of the value chain, and steering innovations toward concrete market exploitation and long-term sustainability.

  • EU Funding and Project Management
  • Innovation steering and market uptake
  • Dissemination and communication
  • Legal, ethical and data protection compliance
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EU Funding and Project Management

We have consolidated expertise in the procurement and management of EU funding of R&I projects. We take of administrative, financial and legal management.


Innovation steering and market uptake

We help companies conduct technology and market analysis, define value proposition and business model, and setup concrete innovation strategy roadmap.


Dissemination and Communication

We manage the communication and dissemination activities of European projects. We define the strategy, objectives, target audience and setup the communication.

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Why Chose us?

Qualified Consultants

Experts with track record of strong experience in R&D funding and innovation consulting.

Consolidated Expertise

Company multi-year consolidated expertise in leading R&D projects, innovation management, and funding.

Network and Partnerships

Strong links between companies, research organizations, domain experts, practitioners and community of users, and funding authorities.

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